You've been challenged to a game of WAR to DEATH by the terrifying and infamously sore looser warlock Hieronymous Bonechill!

You accepted the challenge. Bad news: Bonechill stacked the decks and you simply can't win!

Hieronymous is a cheater! It's time to turn the table and survive this terrifying encounter.

Notes: this version has been updated after the game jam. You may get access to the original jam version at

Other versions can be accessed at


  • Cheat: drag the card toward the wrist, cards stored in your sleeve gets drawn next time cards are drawn
  • Use seed: Space bar
  • Play a card: Drag the card away from the hand


  • It's like War (or Battle/Bataille for the non-us folk) highest value card wins  except zero beats nine
    • Each turn, the players play one card.
    • The first to play the card is swapped each turn.
    • Each 3 turns, everybody draws 3 card
  • The game ends when either one of the player has a score lead greater than can be caught up or there are no more cards to play.
  • Some cards have special effects (words)

Word effects:

  • Green: Gain a seed
  • Cyan: Zero earns 12 points (stacks)
  • Gold: Double points earned this turn (stacks)
  • Pink: Swap winner (stacks)


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authorsgibonus, BLucky, vasukas
GenreCard Game, Puzzle
Made withRust
Tagsbevy, Fantasy
Code licenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Download 12 MB
Download 13 MB
warlocks-gambit-macos-v1.4.0.dmg 13 MB

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